Commitment to Collaboration

We value the trust of our referring partners and are dedicated to fostering strong connections with the referring community. Whether you're uncertain about a potential cardiology case or seeking overall guidance, our doctors are here for you.

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Our doctors are happy to host a cardiology-focused educational session for your practice. This session can be conducted virtually via Zoom, or in-person through a Lunch and Learn at your office. Many of our educational sessions are RACE approved!

Our Educational Sessions
Step 1: Cardiologist Visit

A TACC cardiologist will make a dedicated visit to your practice, ensuring convenience for all participants.

Step 2: RACE Approved Lecture

During the visit, the cardiologist will deliver a RACE approved presentation, covering key cardiology topics relevant to your practice.

Step 3: Discussion Over Lunch

Attendees will enjoy lunch while discussing the presentation with the cardiologist, providing an opportunity for questions and conversation.

Topics that can be covered in an educational presentation include
EKG Interpretation
Thoracic Radiograph Interpretation
Graphic icon of germs under a magnifying glass
Heartworm Disease
Cardiac Biomarkers
Pulmonary Hypertension
*We can also tailor the educational session to a specific topic of interest to your team.

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Our team takes great pride in partnering directly with referring veterinarians to provide high-quality cardiology care for their patients.
Dr. Justin Carlson
VMD, DACVIM (Cardiology)